Lídia Vives (1991, Lleida) is a fine art, fashion and advertising photographer. Her work is characterized by the pictorial environment, the use of color, to hide secrets in her pics and the dreamlike quality that manages to convey.

When she creates a photograph, her main interest is not only the technical effect, but also the anecdotal. Her goal is to make people interpret her photographs, to create doubts. The viewer is forced to look photographs for a while to delve into history. The idea is to make it disturbing, it seems that the character will begin to move at any time, to make clear that they are only one frame of a sequence. She doesn't want to create scenes, but new worlds.



2018 | 

Trierenberg Super CircuitSelf Portrait Category, Goldmedal

Más Movil, Fotógrafos de retratos que debemos seguir para inspirarnos

Dark Beauty Magazine, X 5.18

Dark Beauty Magazine, X 2.18

Dark Beauty Magazine, X 10.17

2017 |

Dark Beauty Magazine, X 1.17

2016 |

Worbz, “Equus Ferus” series

Photography Masterclass Magazine, "Scarface" editor's choice

Bcn or Die, Las 10 fotógrafas de la ciudad condal a las que les seguimos la pista

Nexofin, Diez fotógrafos que deberías seguir en las redes para dominar el arte del retrato

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La tribu de Frida, Hijas de la luz. Antología de jóvenes fotógrafas españolas

2015 |

Mic, 15 portrait artist who destroy the stereotype of the self-absorbed Instagram user

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Lamono Magazine, 10 artistas más allá del selfie

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Photogasm: Lost

2013 |

Vogue Italia, “Honey lips” Best of Vogue

Vogue Italia, “Medusa” Best of Vogue

2012 |

Worbz, Pic of the day


2019 |

Realitats imaginàries, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)

Art Photo BCN, Sigma, Barcelona, Spain (Art Fair)

2018 | 

Exposició d’Artistes Solidaris a Benefici de Mans Unides, Lleida, Spain (Group)

Safo, Galería de Arte Léucade, Múrcia, Spain (Group)

Caixa Negra. Fotografia 18, Galeria Espai Cavallers, Lleida, Spain (Group)

II Certamen Miro&Art, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)

Utopia Markets Photo, Barcelona, Spain (Art Fair)

Voies Off, "Transeünts", Fifty Dots Gallery, Arles, France (Art Fair)

2017 |  

50 de Diciembre, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)

 Exhibit, Casa Golferichs, Barcelona, Spain (Group)

2016 |  

Sex Series, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Solo) 

Art Photo BCN, "Sex Series", Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Art Fair)

2015 | 

Shared Experience, Inqubator Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (Group) 

Evasiones, Galería Léucade, Múrcia, Spain (Group)

El + de la fotografia, Cercle de Belles Arts, Lleida, Spain (Group) 

Fotofever Art Fair, "Sex Series", Fifty Dots Gallery, Paris, France (Art Fair)

2014 |  

Wonderland, Espacio Luvitien, Teruel, Spain (Solo) 

2013 |  

Wonderland, Casa de la Cultura de Andorra, Teruel, Spain (Solo) 

Wonderland, Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, Lleida, Spain (Solo) 


2019 |

Sigma ProWeek - C.B. Foto, Córdoba (Spain)

Fira de Formació i Treball de Lleida 2019, Lleida (Spain)

Euskalphoto 2019, Hondarribia (Spain)

2018 |

“De la pintura a la fotografía” - Centro Cultural Gómez Tortosa, Novelda (Spain)

Fotogasteiz, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

Episcopal, Lleida (Spain)

Profoto Experience - Sirera, Lleida (Spain)

Sigma Ambassador Day - Espai d'art fotogràfic, Fotopro, Valencia (Spain)

"De la pintura a la fotografia" - Fnac l'Illa Diagonal, Barcelona (Spain)

Sigma ProDay - González Almacén, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 

Pentax & Ricoh ProWeek - Fotografiarte, Majadahonda / Madrid (Spain)

2017 |

Photofestival, Mijas / Málaga (Spain)

Sigma ProWeek - Fotografiarte, Majadahonda / Madrid (Spain) 

IES Caparrella, Lleida (Spain)

Ilerna, Lleida (Spain)

Fotoweek - Casanova Foto, Madrid (Spain)

2016 |

Episcopal, Lleida (Spain)

Madrid Photocreative, Madrid (Spain)

Bilbao Photoexperience, Bilbao (Spain)

Profoto Week - Casanova Foto, Barcelona (Spain)

Fotoweek - Casanova Foto, Barcelona (Spain)

2015 |  

Ilerna, Lleida (Spain) 

Jornades Fotogràfiques Platja d'Aro, Platja d'Aro (Spain) 

2014 | 

Sirera Serveis Fotogràfics, Lleida (Spain)

Fotographic, Lloret de Mar (Spain) 

2013 |  

Arabell, Lleida (Spain) 


2019 |

Jordi y la fábrica de chocolate, Esquire Spain

2018 |

Ópera Prima (second edition), Letrame Grupo Editorial

Special Themes Circuit 2018, Trierenberg Super Circuit

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2018, Trierenberg Super Circuit

Trierenberg Super Circuit - Luxury Edition IX, Trierenberg Super Circuit

La piel escrita, Betania

2017 | 

Ópera Prima, Luhu Editorial

2016 |  

Masters of portraits, 25 pages

2015 |

"Equus Ferus", Veux Magazine Issue 24 - Lost & Found: Book 2 (Cover

2013 |

Starlight, Stravagance Magazine Issue 1